Postural/Back Education

Postural Education is a physical therapy technique that we use to help restore a more neutral posture for our patients. The goal of postural education is to allow injured areas of the body to heal faster and more efficiently. Postural education uses manual treatments by a therapist and specific exercises to help patients use their body in a more balanced state.

Some common symptoms we use Postural Education therapy to help treat:

  • Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
  • The feeling of being “out of alignment”
  • Hip, pelvic, low back pain
  • Abdominal, chest wall, and rib cage strains
  • Cervical pain or headaches
  • Knee and foot injuries
  • Stress related muscle tension
  • Shoulder impingement or tendonitis

Postural Education therapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments for pain and muscle spasms, including use of heat and massage. Pain and inflammation can also be treated with ultrasound and electrical stimulation. A home exercise program may also be given to a patient undergoing Postural Education therapy.

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