Gait Training

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Gait Training

Gait training refers to helping a patient relearn to walk safely and efficiently. We use Gait Training to help evaluate the abnormalities in the person's gait and employ such treatments as strengthening and balance training to improve stability and body perception as these pertain to the patient's environment. Gait training often incorporates the use of such assistive devices as parallel bars, walkers or canes to promote safe and proficient ambulation.

Some problems that may require Gait Training:

  • muscle weakness
  • deformity
  • spasticity (the presence of abnormal involuntary muscular contractions)
  • loss of sensation due to injury or disease that results in inaccurate sensory information and unsafe or inefficient motion
  • pain in the weight-bearing joints of the lower extremities, which causes distortion of normal gait

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